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DOWNLOAD MP3: SEVENTEEN Face the Sun Album Zip File! SEVENTEEN have previewed all the tracks from their forthcoming studio album ‘Face The Sun’ in a special highlight medley video.


Album Tracklist :

1. Darl+ing 2. HOT 3. DON QUIXOTE 4. March 5. Domino 6. Shadow 7. 노래해 (‘bout you) 8. IF you leave me 9. Ash

Today (May 23), the 13-member act shared a brand-new clip on their YouTube channel previewing their forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Face The Sun’. Led by the single ‘Hot’, the nine-track record is due out on May 27 at 1pm KST.

Beginning in a cosy library, the members of boyband perform snippets of their new songs, seamlessly transitioning between different sets for every 30-second snippet. The mood in each scene appears to be tailored to suit each track, from the high-octane lead single ‘Hot’, to wild-west inspired ‘Cowboy’, to the playful ‘Domino’.

Last month, SEVENTEEN dropped their the single ’Dar+ling’, which will be the opening track from the boyband’s upcoming ‘Face The Sun’. Notably, the song had marked their first-ever English single performed by all 13 members of the boy band.

Prior to this, several sub-units and solo members of the group had released a number of songs in English. These include Vernon and Joshua on ‘2 Minus 1’ from SEVENTEEN’s most recent mini-album ‘Attacca’, which was released in May 2021, and Woozi with his solo mixtape ‘Ruby’.

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DOWNLOAD MP3: SEVENTEEN Face the Sun Album Zip File!

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