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Guidelines for Baptisms at the Chapel of Saint Anne's Shrine

The Baptismal ceremony normally takes place in the home parish, but some baptisms are permitted in the Shrine Chapel. Those wishing to be baptized in the Chapel must meet the following requirements:

1. Requests for Baptisms for the current season are due in writing by August 1st. Mandatory Baptismal instruction must take place in your home parish and a written statement from your Pastor must accompany your written request that the baptismal instruction was completed.

2. The couple/individual should have good pastoral reasons for requesting a baptism in the Shrine Chapel, rather than in their home parish.

3. The family must also present a written letter from their local pastor granting permission for the baptism to be held at Saint Anne's Shrine with the initial letter of request.

4. There should be a formal relationship between the couple/individual and the Shrine. At least one party must be either a parishioner of St. Amadeus Church or St. Joseph's Mission; a student, member of the faculty or staff of the Shrine and/or St. Michael's College; or a benefactor of Saint Anne's Shrine.

5. Couples requesting their child to be baptized at the Shrine should be practicing their faith.

6. Sponsors (Godparents) need to be confirmed in the Roman Catholic faith and regularly attend Sunday Mass. Sponsors need to forward a letter from their applicable Pastor attesting to their good standing as Roman Catholics before the baptism is scheduled and the date confirmed.

7. Parents are required to meet with the Priest or Deacon at least once prior to the Baptism.

8. Requests for permission to be baptized at the Shrine Chapel shall be sent in writing to the Spiritual Director of the Shrine in ample time. The request should indicate the pastoral reasons why the baptism ceremony should take place at the Shrine Chapel and the relationship of both parties to the Shrine. A letter confirming the date and time of your baptism will be sent to you.

9. It is customary to make a donation to Saint Anne's Shrine to assist us in our ministry. Your generosity is very much appreciated. A stipend for the priest is not necessary.

10. For further information regarding baptisms, please contact the Shrine office at 802-928-3362.

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