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Saint Anne's Shrine: July 28-31 and August 4-7

If you are seeking a way to discover more about the spiritual side of yourself, want to develop a deeper relationship with JESUS and share it with others, then consider attending a Cursillo Weekend.


What is Cursillo

A movement of the Church, which makes it possible for people to live what is fundamental to being a Christian, helping them to fulfill their personal vocation, promoting the creation of groups of Christians who change their environments by living the gospel.


A Cursillo Weekend
  • A short intense course in Christianity

  • A three-day experience of living in a Christian Community

  • A unique, communal and deeply spiritual experience that is built on talks, activities, group dynamics and Liturgy

  • A chance to strengthen one's relationship with Jesus Christ.


After the Weekend
  • It is an opportunity to introduce people to a very diverse, local, national and international support group of brothers and sisters in Christ

  • A continuing effort to spread the word of God through small groups

  • A means of persevering as an individual and a group through 4th day programs


Candidates must be
  • Catholic

  • In communion with the church and able to receive the sacraments

  • Able to understand the message and willing to commit themselves to it

  • If married, the spouse must agree to attend, or must agree that it is ok for their spouse to attend and both need to meet with an active Cursillo member to understand the movement

  • Be sponsored by someone who has attended a Cursillo and understands its Purpose and Strategy

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