October 19, 2020


Dear Pilgrims,

We celebrated an extra Mass this past Sunday extending our seasonal schedule. It was actually warmer than the week before and we had a good-sized congregation while keeping social distancing. I asked those in attendance if they wanted to come back for another Sunday and they broke out in applause. Given such enthusiasm, we will have another Mass at the Chapel this coming Sunday October 25 at 10:30 a.m. I think people might be feeling safer celebrating Mass outdoors. Let’s hope the mild weather continues! Join us if you can.

Also note that today the Church celebrates the feast of St. Isaac Jogues and his companions. These Jesuit missionaries ministered in the 1600s and were the first martyrs officially recognized in North America. Isaac Jogues is known to have visited Isle La Motte in his travels. The history of our Shrine reaches back to 1666 when the French military built Fort St. Anne where Jesuit missionaries celebrated the first Mass in the state of Vermont and our region. Today let’s remember these brave missionaries who brought the Catholic faith to North America.

Have a great week!


Fr. Brian

Rev. Brian J. Cummings, S.S.E.
Spiritual Director


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